The series includes corporate updates from bSI management office, Room presentations and special one-off presentations. Starting on the 11th May, 2020, each Room will be working in their groups as part of the ongoing work to develop solutions and standards. The webinars are open to anyone but attendance is limited based on capacity.

All times are set to Central European Summit Time (CEST) so please check the timing against your time zone.

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buildingSMART Overview, Current Status and Program Update

Hear from Richard Petrie, Chief Executive, Aidan Mercer, Marketing Director and Richard Kelly, Operations Director, all from buildingSMART International, about the current status of the buildingSMART programs. Richard Petrie will provide an overview and update, including an outlook for the future. Aidan Mercer will share some of the marketing updates and Richard Kelly will deliver an update from the Solutions and Standards Program.

buildingSMART Technology Roadmap and Professional Certification

Hear from Léon van Berlo, Technical Director, Bill East, Prairie Sky Consulting and Mark Baldwin, Leader of the Professional Certification program on the technology roadmap and what the future looks like. Hear about modernization and improvements that are proposed. You will also hear an update from the professional certification program including the new COBie module.

Airport Room

The mission of the Airport Room is to develop and deploy open digital standards for the airport environment. The unification of digital airport standards will enable more efficient working from the common supply chain and create a uniform approach for the industry.

Building Room

The core mission of the Building Room is to create open digital standards and solutions by enabling intelligent data that either contributes to the planning, design and construction of buildings, or the ongoing operations and maintenance. This will enable process and data integration for buildings for the entire life-cycle.

Infrastructure Room

The purpose of the Infrastructure Room is to combine, enhance and develop open standards for intelligent data, which enable process and data integration for Infrastructure. The scope includes information exchange and process standards to support effective management of the constructed built environment and linking and integrating across BIM and GIS. The Infrastructure Room leads buildingSMART efforts in a number of areas, including those for roads, bridges, tunnels, ports and waterways.

Infrastructure Extensions Deployment Update (Expert Panel)

IFC Road Update (Expert Panel)

IFC Tunnel Requirements Analysis Update (Expert Panel)

IFC Ports & Waterways Update (Expert Panel)

IFC Tunnel Requirements Analysis Update (Expert Panel)

Product Room

The purpose of the Product Room is the development and provision of processes, templates, tools and functionality to enable the robust and efficient use of product data, relevant third-party standards, classification systems and other forms of structured content for openBIM.

Railway Room

The purpose of the Railway Room is to accelerate and exploit new digital opportunities for railway systems and create a comprehensive and applicable digital representation of the entire railway ecosystem that will support all phases of the lifecycle. This provides the basis of interoperable support systems, reduced complexity, secure and safe solutions and reduced costs for all stakeholders.

Regulatory Room

The purpose of the Regulatory Room is to help project owners and regulatory authorities benefit from the use of openBIM. The vision is an automated regulatory process, achieved by supporting gradual change in workflow from manual to automated, to safeguard the legal perspective.

Introduction / Overview

Use Case and Regulatory Information Management

Technical Room

The Technical Room has overall responsibility to explore and coordinate the investigation and where desirable facilitate buildingSMART’s engagement with fundamental technical advancements which may enhance or accelerate the provision of robust openBIM solutions to users. The Technical Room’s specific remit is the coordination of the core technical development of the IFC model and associated technical standards to safely, rigorously and in a commercially viable manner support the development of openBIM to fully meet users’ needs and ambitions.

Visit the Full Listing

Visit the Full Listing

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